Comprehensive Services

Our Services

AdvanTek Consulting provides management and consulting services targeting building systems performance, indoor air quality and resource efficiency tailored to meet each client's specific needs. These services are built around objectives of reducing energy use while improving indoor environmental quality, occupant comfort, and maintainability.

Whether it be air quality concerns, contamination issues, manufacturing or containment requirements, high energy costs, condensation problems, mold growth, maintenance problems, or the like — AdvanTek's team of experts can pinpoint the root causative factors, then engineer and achieve a cost effective solution. AdvanTek assembles a creative and talented team to provide a comprehensive, high quality, cost effective package for each client and provide them with the following customized services:

Problem Solving

  • Scientific energy use and indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnostics
  • HVAC system performance, economic, and maintainability evaluations
  • High-performance HVAC improvements and modification
  • HVAC controls optimization and commissioning
  • Comprehensive, detailed energy and water audits and economic evaluations
  • Energy and water bill statistical analysis and evaluation

Technical Support

  • Performance contracting management and technical oversight
  • Comprehensive Strategic Energy Management Planning
  • Management and oversight of ESCO competitive contractor bid and selection
  • Verification-of-savings performance monitoring, metering, and analysis (M&V)
  • On-site self-funding Resource Efficiency Manager program
  • Energy Management Program scheduling, training and implementation
  • Customized energy and water tracking and analysis database web pages
  • Internet communicating energy and performance monitoring systems design
  • Energy Benchmarking using hourly modeling and metering statistical analysis
  • Program risk management analysis, contingency development, and evaluation
  • Development of energy efficient solutions to IAQ and humidity concerns
  • Specification and evaluation of functional performance acceptance testing
  • Long-term automated measurement and verification of performance and savings
  • Awareness and training program development and implementation