Tom Brooke

Thomas Brooke, MBA, PE, CEM

Business Development

Tom Brooke has almost forty years of experience in the commercial/industrial HVAC industry, and can provide both a detailed and national perspective on its workings. The former was gained from his ten years in engineering and twenty years in marketing and sales in wide and multilevel positions at globally oriented manufacturing firms. Further, as the sole owner of a prosperous Manufacturers Representative agency for over a decade, he can also communicate successful sales strategies and action plans, plus the initiative, flexibility, urgency, and financial acumen needed in the market today. The national perspective comes from serving as a corresponding member on two national ASHRAE Technical Committees, serving as company representative in two Product Sections at AHRI, and serving as President and CEO of Heat Pipe Technology for almost seven years. Mr. Brooke has led product lines, departments, divisions and entire companies.

Mr. Brooke received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia and MBA from James Madison University. He is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia and Florida, and is a Certified Energy Manager. Mr. Brooke's expertise and interests include optimizing the technical aspects and the subsequent commercialization of advanced products, as well as general HVAC system energy efficiency and indoor air quality, two of the industry's primary concerns today.